With the Salesmanager POS feature, you create instant orders for walk in customers within minutes, it comprises of the following amazing and convenient features.


1.  Create Instant customer account: with this feature, you have the option to register a new customer on the go as you create the order.


2. Instant Product Price and units review: you may edit the price of the product(s) you wish to order for on the go, and also the unit quantity of each product(s).


3.   Additional Fees: you may input additional fees to the order like VAT, Shipping fee, or discounts- while still on the POS page.


4.   Payment: you can add multiple or single payment options to your order while still navigating the POS page, you may specify credit, cash or bank transfer payment method on your order.



5.  Additional notes: sales person can useful or helpful notes on the order while still on the POS order page.

6.   Automatic invoice generation: after checking on the POS page, the invoice is automatically generated and ready to print for the customer in any format suitable for your printer.



The Salesmanager POS feature is very useful for businesses with walk-in customers who value a seamless sales process and a smooth service experience for their customers. Restaurants, supermarkets, distributors, salons, and so many other types of businesses have found this feature very helpful for their business. Want to try Salesmanager for free? Click here to get your 30 days free trial.