Improve your sales with Salesmanager Contact Feature


It takes so many factors to make a successful sale in business, no wonder most business owners spend a fortune on paid advertising yearly to secure the growth of their business and keep them in the market. Successful businesses have mastered the art of returning their old customers, as they have realized it is often easier and less costly to return an old customer than it is to get a new customer to patronize your business. Being able to maximize your sales conversion is the best way to reduce your advertising cost.

Imagine you spent 1000 naira to acquire a customer – on first sale, you make a 3,000 naira revenue, if you get same customer to return for another purchase, you will invariably increase the return of your initial 1000 naira Ad investment.

You may ask, how do I make my first time customers to return? The first step is simply to gather adequate data of all your customers-collect information like full name, email addresses, delivery address, phone numbers and order history- These information will help you easily reach out to your customers during remarketing on various media channels (email, SMS, telephone calls, Whatsapp).

Salesmanager provides a safe cloud storage to keep all your customers information automatically from invoice, this information can easily be downloaded in any format required for marketing with third parties. Customer information can be downloaded in PDF, Excel.


Instagram and Facebook pages get disabled, followers are lost, hard copy books get missing and destroyed. - Do not leave your business continuity to chance, document all your customers and order records with Salesmanager safe cloud storage. Click here to get one month free trial with salesmanager.