The modern workplace has become more flexible, enabling personnel to work in remote environments, which could lead to mismanagement in employee productivity. Organizations need to track employee activity to monitor workflow, enhance time management, and protect sensitive information. Employee monitoring software activity log can help organizations measure employee performance, and improve decision-making.

Managers can then review the logs to measure employee productivity, view the average times for completing individual projects, and identify areas that need improvement. With this, managers can address problem areas and time wasted on non-work-related activities. Activity monitoring software can help organizations protect sensitive information, evaluate employee performance, and enhance time management. By tracking employee activity, managers can detect any suspicious or malicious behavior, like unauthorized system access or stolen sensitive data. Additionally, tracking employee activity can also assist organizations in identifying high and low productivity employees, monitor internet usage policies adherence, and identify areas that need improvement.

Sales manager activity log feature makes is easy to monitor employee activities and navigation through work daily: staff activity can be tracked for days, months or years, under and subject like order, purchase, stock adjustment, expense and so many other aspects. Activity log can be downloaded in PDF, Excel or CSV format